How do the ages work? 

At Pform.nz we recognise that all children are unique and, as such, they develop at different rates. Here is a rough estimate of each age category: 

- Junior: 5-8 year-olds

Intermediate: 8-12 year-olds

Senior: 13-18 year-olds

What do we wear?

Our mandatory uniform comprises black pants and a Pform.nz top.


Can we trial a class?

Yes. We will not charge you for the trial class if you decide not to join. 


How much are classes?

- Performing Arts classes: $225 per term

Dance Troupes, Theatre Companies & Glee Club: $338 per term


Are there any extra costs?

- $99 production fee during show term

- Uniform cost

- Ticket to watch show $39.00 (not necessary for your performer, they will be backstage the whole time)


Are there sibling or multiple-class discounts?

No, all classes are the same cost.


How do shows work?

- We hold multiple shows at a time. Your class will perform in one of these shows.

- Rehearsals take place during class hours. We simply run one dress rehearsal on the day of the show.

- We provide all costumes and production elements. 

- Our H&S procedures are very strict in making sure all students stay backstage for the entire show.


Do you offer refunds for missed classes?

No, classes are not sold on a class-by-class basis. If you miss a class for any reason (public holiday, sickness, or Nana's 80th Birthday), you are able to make up a class at any of our other venues.

What happens to the classes we miss for Covid lockdowns?

Our tutors will run their classes at the same time and day via Zoom. 

What if we have no prior experience?

All our classes are distinguished by age and tailored to beginner/ intermediate level performers, so no worries if you don't have much experience! If you are looking for an advanced curriculum, check out our 'Confidence Project' program for an array of dance troupes, theatre companies, glee clubs and competition squads. 



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