Rose Stretton
Rose Stretton

Rose Stretton

Auckland Tutor | Tour Manager

Bachelor of Arts (Ancient History) | Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)

Rose has worked for as both a tutor and a member of the HQ Team since 2016. She began training as a student with at the age of 3, and immediately developed a love of singing and theatre.

She was the Tour Manager in charge of our most recent Musical Theatre tour to NYC in 2019 and attended our previous tours to L.A. in 2014 and 2017 as a performer herself.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and a Bachelor of Arts (Ancient History) from the University of Auckland, Rose left New Zealand in 2022 to live and work for a podcasting company in Los Angeles, continuing to work for the HQ remotely as she did so.

Rose has years of performing arts experience under her belt and is passionate about the inclusive and uplifting culture that is dedicated to fostering.

Rose ensures that all her tours and classes are run with the same philosophies in mind.

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