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Tracey Stretton started Pform.nz in 1992 while teaching at Kristin School on the North Shore. Tracey has strong educational credentials, atop of her numerous qualifications (Higher Teaching Diploma, Bachelor of Arts and a Post Graduate Diploma in Dance and Drama Education), Tracey was selected by NZQA to serve on an elite team, moderating and creating the Dance and Drama NCEA curriculum. 

As such, her primary focus is on the individual; building self esteem and confidence. We weave our magic with this method, inspiring students to learn and grow.



From the onset the curriculum has been a "living document"; fresh, upbeat and relevant. Classes are a unique blend of the Arts, Tracey believes strongly in the Rudolf Laban teachings of the Actor and the Dancer being one.

20+ years later, Pform.nz is a dynamic, experienced and committed team. We have classes all over Auckland- the focus is to promote life skills and create strong leaders of the future. Whether they go on to become household names or simply pip their opponents in the board room, the training is invaluable.

We are so priveliged to do what we do. Inspiring our future generation by teaching dance, drama and singing? A dream job!





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The Pform.nz tutors run professional
& fun classes. Our tutors -

  • Listen to the children and are perceptive to their needs
  • Control the class in a positive way
  • Teach excellent curriculum
  • Are professionally groomed
  • Run structured classes
  • Have the respect of the group
  • Use positive speech and body languages
  • Create and foster a positive and happy class synergy
  • Care about the children and young adults
  • Build the students up with positive praises

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