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bruce mason theatre

Show date: Nov 22 2020

Show time: 4:30pm

Call time: 2:00pm

Rehearsal date: Nov 22 2020

Rehearsal time: 2.00pm - 4.00pm

SHOW DURATION: 4.30pm - 6.45pm

Interval: 5.30-5.45pm

CALL TIMES: Everyone 2.00pm, except EARLY PRIMARY call time is 3.00pm

VENUES IN THIS SHOW: Westmere | Parnell | Tapac | Red Beach | Swanson | Te Atatu Peninsula | Albany Junior High | Kingsland Thursday | Carmel College 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For Health and Safety purposes regarding emergencies and contact tracing, every guest attending every show must have their own seat.  This includes children.  If there are children sitting on laps they are unaccounted for and this could be an issue if there was an incident. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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The tutors run professional
& fun classes. Our tutors -

  • Listen to the children and are perceptive to their needs
  • Control the class in a positive way
  • Teach excellent curriculum
  • Are professionally groomed
  • Run structured classes
  • Have the respect of the group
  • Use positive speech and body languages
  • Create and foster a positive and happy class synergy
  • Care about the children and young adults
  • Build the students up with positive praises

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