"I just love to see the second generation of kids coming through the company. Children who I used to teach come up to me now at shows and introduce their little bunnies to me!The Pform family just keeps growing!"

Tracey Stretton started the company when she began her teaching career at Kristen School. She focused on building esteem & self worth and she would weave her magic to inspire her students to learn. After persuasion from several parents and the realisation that there were no companies with the same unique teaching style, she started Tracey knew that her students needed a curriculum that was fresh, upbeat and relevant. She had been a National Moderator for NZQA and worked at the Ministry of Education on the National Certificate of Educational Achievement standards so she knew about pedagogy, assessment and learning. Her classes were a unique blend of Drama, Dance & Singing as she believed strongly in the Rudolf Laban philosophy of the Actor and Dancer being one. The company grew each year by opening new venues and recruiting and training new tutors to teach in the unique way where the child was built up and nurtured. As the business grew Tracey’s husband, Michael, joined full time. Both qualified teachers, Tracey and Michael were passionate about building self-esteem and character in young people and saw an absence of educational avenues which built children up through positive reinforcement and strong pedagogy rather than them being subjected to criticism and pressure.

As their business grew, so did their family. Tracey and Michael love being parents and are thrilled to have watched their three children, Rose, Pearl and Will, grow through their own performing arts education with Michael and Tracey often joke that their children were never allowed to miss a class! Of course as they were building the business, all three children were slotted into numerous classes, sometimes training up to 5 times per week. They are a great longitudinal study in the benefits of a strong Performing Arts Education as they have all blossomed into confident, well adjusted adults with a passion for business and a love of life. Rose has been integral in the growth of and she co-ordinates and runs our L.A Disney Tours where she takes a group of students overseas to experience L.A. and perform onstage at Disney. Pearl holds a Creative Manager position where she leads a variety of high-profile portfolios within the business including the Confidence Project advanced training, with a particular focus on dance and musical theatre. Will is studying at South Seas Film & Screen School and is a gifted performer and tutor.

Over twenty years since its inception, continues to deliver performing arts classes built on strong educational practices and proven pedagogy to develop life-skills in young people across New Zealand by focusing on increasing confidence and independence, equipping them to success within and outside of the performing arts industry. Tracey and husband Michael are an integral part of this journey; leading a dynamic, experienced and committed team. A team whose focus is to promote Life Skills through education creating long lasting memories for you and your children.


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