vodafone events centre

Show date: Nov 28 2021

Show time: 4:00pm

Call time: 3:00pm

Rehearsal date: Nov 28 2021

Rehearsal time: 9am - 1.30pm | The Confidence Project presents Don't Look Back’s advanced performers present Don't Look Back. Our glee club, dance troupes, theatre companies & competitive dance squad form The Confidence Project and come together for a stunning evening of dance, drama and song.

Many of these performers have been with for years and it shows. They are a great band of young people, a credit to their generation. The confidence and pride with which they perform will impress. Be prepared to be entertained.

These performers are from venues scattered throughout Auckland. We hope they will proceed to train and become tutors over the ensuing years. Perhaps some will carve out careers as franchisees. We encourage students who are almost teens to see this show and what is available to them around the corner.

Show duration: 4.00pm - 6.30pm

Interval: 5.10-5.30pm

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