Curriculum Content - Age Improvisations Curriculum Content - Age Improvisations

Create improvisations:

Choose a character below and improvise them as follows within the same scene:

Starting as a toddler, then moving to childhood, teenage, adulthood & finally growing old. 

You can choose to add dialogue or you can keep it non-verbal and just focus on the physicality.

Repeat with several characters to enhance your training.

Peter Pan

Donald Trump

Alice in Wonderland

Elsa from Frozen

Mickey Mouse

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

Dopey from Snow White


Winnie the Pooh

Charlie Brown

Robin Hood

Santa Claus

The Easter Bunny

The Queen

Stage and Perform:

Choose the character that resonated most with you in your training and add the following production elements

1. Costume - this could be most effective as blacks

2. Make up

3. Music 

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