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Our Junior Leaders are elected to assist a selected Tutor on one of their younger Pform classes each week. This role requires high levels of skill, maturity, empathy and a willingness to learn and grow! JL’s typically assist with helping struggling students learn choreography, encouraging shy performers by acting as a ‘buddy’, and teaching the classes their finale dance during show season. On top of this weekly class, we host a range of parties and Professional Development sessions throughout the year designed to enhance our JL’s skillsets and bond them as a really cohesive team. The Junior Leader programme then branches into a higher level, the Junior Tutors, in which we select the most advanced of our older JL team to train for Tutorhood and become involved more intimately in the organisation of different events throughout the Pform calendar. JL’s are also rostered on to specific days during our epic show season, assisting classes backstage with rehearsals, costumes and makeup. This programme is absolutely life changing- whether you have your sights set on Tutoring for Pform or just want an awesome extra-curricular on your CV, this is truly an opportunity you don’t want to pass up!


VERY! To properly create value out of this programme, you have to prioritise your JL class AND be at all the JL events throughout the year (you’re going to want to anyway- they’re tonnes of fun!). We have one event per term and will be sending the calendar out to our 2020 team before February, so you’ll have plenty of time to lock-in those dates! You also must be super attentive, active and positive during all JL classes. This role places JL’s as key figures in moulding the lives and personalities of our little performers- you must treat that responsibility with the respect it deserves! Also, open communication between you and your Tutor is an important element. You guys will be working very closely to deliver AMAZING classes, and it’ s crucial for the both of you to have a tight, trusting relationship.


Only to a slight degree. We have a HUGE team of JL’s, some of whom have been working with the same little bunnies for years! This element of consistency takes priority, so even if you have your sights set on a convenient venue for you, there may already be a team of JL’s stationed there. We will do our best to cater towards your availability and location, but cannot guarantee there will be a venue that meets those requirements for you.


Talk to your Tutor! They'll get you started on the right track and chat to you about your options.








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  • Use positive speech and body languages
  • Create and foster a positive and happy class synergy
  • Care about the children and young adults
  • Build the students up with positive praises

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