Holiday Programmes

Holiday Programmes


$75.00 NZD
  Or 6 weekly payments of $12.50

FRIDAY 17 DECEMBER 10am - 3pm

fashion show walking & photos
Drop the kids to Pearl, Rose, Neala & the team at Pform Remuera where they will learn how to cat-walk confidently, focus on their fabuousness and celebrate their unique selves. Boys and girls alike, learn how to walk professionally if you are ever in a fashion show.  All ages welcome . We will split into age appropriate groups. They will be safe and well entertained for the day while you get the day to yourself!  This is the perfect opportunity  to release the inner model. Bring a few of your favourite outfits, come with hair and make up done or let us do it, bring your phone for the best insta shots and most of all, bring a sense of fun. We cannot wait to see you there!

Fri, 17-Dec-2021

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