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Pform Glee Club is a space for students to focus on singing and Musical Theatre performance technique at a more advanced level.  However, it is a super inclusive environment and everyone is welcome, regardless of prior music experience!

Each week, we spend part of the session presenting small group and individual numbers in order to build confidence and provide one-on-one training. Whilst the main focus here is singing (there will be oppotunities for both solo and chorus work), we will also focus on a basic drama and choreographic componant.

The rest of the session is dedicated to working on our performance pieces. Throughout the year, we have three 'Glee Project' blocks. During these, we'll work on an ensemble performance piece with a guest tutor. All three of these pieces will be performed at our annual Confidence Project showcase at the PumpHouse Theatre. At the end of Term 3, we'll choose which of the three songs to perform as the Act 1 closer in all seven of our end of year shows at the Bruce Mason and Vodafone Events Centres. 

Come along to have TONNES of fun, meet amazing friends and live your Rachel Berry fantasy. Click here for more info!







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